Singleton Wedding
Saturday May 14, 2011
Liberty HallThe Factory

Headtable and the cake on the permanent stage with amber uplighting.SpringTree had the opportunity to partner with R. Higgins Interiors to transform Liberty Hall into a truly magical place.

We utilized amber uplighting throughout the room along with ellipsoidal fixtures with theme fitting gobos. Springtree also assisted in the rigging of a chandelier, floral arrangement, fabrics, and other décor elements.

Read the captions in the gallery to learn how more about how we accomplished these great effects.

Event Partners – R. Higgins Interiors

View this great thank you from Shelley at R. Higgins

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am extremely grateful for everything you did to help us with the Singleton Wedding on Friday and Saturday. I truly don't know we would have pulled it off without your help. Thank you for going above and beyond and for making my job easier! I hope to work with you again soon. — Shelley Manning, R. Higgins Interiors