Liberty Hall at the Factory hosted the O’More College of Design fashion show on May 11th. We provided audio, video and lighting. A 65 foot long runway was constructed in the middle of the hall that needed to be lit from varying angles.

We set up pipe and drape to make the black backdrop. To achieve the look of the runway extending with a straight shot to the ceiling, white stretch fabric was used behind the entering and exiting models. Overall, it gave the runway a crisp, clean look.

A short throw projector was used to show the college logo and designer names on the white fabric. We hung three sections of truss on both sides of runway with brand new led ellipsoidal fixtures set to hit the runway at many different angles.

We provided a sound system with a mic at the podium along with a wireless system. Specific equipment included QSC speaker and subs. A DJ was brought in who hooked into our audio system as well. A monitor was set up backstage for those in the back to watch what was going on on the runway. It was an exciting and energetic event to be apart of.