I Am Second
April 12,  2011 Michael W. Smith’s event barn  in Franklin, Tn

We arrived at Michael W. Smith’s barn Tuesday afternoon with a plan in mind to set up our 10’H x 18’W screen as the backdrop for the I AM Second – Nashville event. When we walked in the barn, much to our surprise, the layout was totally different than what we were expecting. The stage was set up on the side wall instead of the far end and they already had a cool backdrop set up with “I Am Second” printed all over it. So we had to rethink our plan. We decided to hang our screen OVER their backdrop. The work began. We put 2 sticks of 9’ truss together on both sides of the stage. We didn’t have ladders so we put our gorilla shoes on and started climbing up the truss with the screen hand. We stretched the fabric between the two trusses and it looked amazing. We hung the projector in the balcony and it filled the screen perfectly. It all came together just like we had planned it that way from the start.
It was a great night of music and ministry.  Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, Gordon Kennedy, and many others were all part of this wonderful event. We were glad to be a part of it.

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