IONA, a band based out of the UK, made a stop at the Franklin Christian Church in Franklin, TN last Friday night. They’re in the middle of their Another Realm Tour 2012 with only 3 dates left in the US this year. IONA aims to write spiritual, atmospheric, yet uplifting music that would stir the emotions, weaving complex patterns that echo the intricate knot work of the great Celtic artists.

Their music is like nothing I’ve heard before. IONA doesn’t play your typical 3-minute radio hit. It’s very difficult to explain how amazing this music really is. Everyone needs to experience it. We provided the monitors and the microphones for the band and let their own sound guy run the audio for the night. We set up the lighting on the stage and ran the lights during the show.

We did some simple color fades and washes on the stage using our Chauvet Xpress-512 lighting software. During the more upbeat tunes, we had some fun with the American DJ Mega Tri Bars having the colored LED’s chase back and forth. It was a fun night. The concert went from 7:30 to 10:45pm.