The Page High School prom was held in Jamison Hall at the Factory this year. We were in charge of audio, video, lighting, design and decorations. The theme was “Dancing in the Deep” and we wanted the hall to feel like it was at the bottom of the ocean. The art students made fish to hang from the ceiling, and we had them paint them in blacklight paint. We purposefully used downlighting for this event, to keep the ceiling dark except for six black light panels aimed at the fish. Peter built a custom tiki hut for the drink station himself. He used Chauvet Bob LED for fake tiki fire. LED lighting was used to highlight the food and drink areas.

A tunnel of screens were erected at the entrance, with moving fish and other ocean life projected onto the sides. Rippling water was projected onto the top screen above the entering students. Screens around the hall switched between video of ocean life and video of the students dancing from two of our robotic cameras.

Around the room, columns were erected and wrapped in white fabric with downlighting.

Over the stage, a 14 foot high and 36 foot wide truss was set up. Some Chauvet foggers released fog over the dance floor and with 2 RGB lasers from X-Laser worked together to create a liquid sky over the students. The X-Laser would change between this and designs like ‘Congratulations!’ onto the back wall.

Another special project of Peter’s was creating water screens for the stage. We had one on both sides of the stage leaving room in the middle for the seniors to walk through. Water was pumped up through hoses to PVC pipes connected to the truss. We drilled small holes in the pipes for the water to fall 10ft down into the troughs we built on the stage. With enough small holes in the pipes, there was enough water falling to create our “water screens”. Short-throw projectors on the stage were used to project moving fish images onto the falling water. Pictures couldn’t capture their beauty!