Centennial High School Prom
“Beneath the City Lights”
Saturday April 16, 2011
Liberty Hall – The Factory at Franklin

Working to transform Liberty hall into a bustling city using audio, video, lighting, and DJ services for Centennial High School’s prom was a lot of fun for Springtree Productions.

Lighting wise we washed the dance floor LED effect lighting, and had two moving head fixtures on the truss at the front of the dance floor. Suspended over the dance floor were hundreds of LED icicle lights. Globe lighting created a great accent to the stage for Senior Walk along with a spot light.  Prom committee created a cardboard skyline which looked great lit from behind on the mezzanine level. Columns were also up-lit.

Audio wise Springtree’s DJ kept guests informed via the main projector what song was coming up next, and Springtree’s house audio kept the party going.

During Senior Walk a live video feed provided a great view to students and parents on projector screens.

The real transformation of Liberty Hall happened with the the use of 6 video projectors featuring time lapse video of the Hudson River, Times Square, and other NYC destinations.
On the far exposed brick wall looping video of New York City from across the Hudson gave a great video of city lights.